By 2030, at least 550 million people will have diabetes- approximately 10% of the world's adult population.

- International Diabetes Federation, 2011

Diabetes kills more people annually than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

- American Diabetes Association, 2009

60-70% of those with diabetes will develop peripheral neuropathy, or lose sensation in their feet.

- Dyck et al. Diabetic Neuropathy 1999

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    Chronic Disease: Expensive and deadly.

    July 4, 2014

    Chronic Diseases Are Main US Public Health Concern Larry Hand July 02, 2014   3 comments Print Email   EDITORS' RECOMMENDATIONS One in Five US Adults Use Tobacco Products Alcohol Remains a Leading Cause of Premature Death Obesity Epidemic Is Global, New Study Confirms   DRUG & REFERENCE INFORMATION Emphysema Mechanical Ventilation Emphysema Imaging     Noncommunicable diseases are the main cause of illness and disability in the United States and are responsible for the bulk of healthcare spending, according to the Centers for…

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    Treating the Diabetic Foot: The DFU is the least of their worries.

    July 2, 2014

    Feelings of Powerlessness in Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers Monday, 06/09/14 | 721 reads Author(s):  Maria Teresa de Jesus Pereira; Geraldo Magela Salomé; Diego Guimarães Openheimer; Vitória Helena Cunha Espósito; Sergio Aguinaldo de Almeida; Lydia Masako Ferreira Issue:  Volume 26 – Issue 6 – June 2014   Login toDownload PDF version Index:  WOUNDS. 2014;26(6):172-177. Key words:  mental health diabetes mellitus diabetic foot powerlessness assessment tool   Abstract: The purpose of this study was to assess feelings of powerlessness in patients with diabetic…

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