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Eating vs Exercise: Eating less wins battle of the bulge

February 11, 2016

Eating vs. exercise: Science declares a weight-loss winner WRITTEN BY DR. YONI FREEDHOFF ON FEBRUARY 10, 2016 FOR CANADIANHEALTHCARENETWORK.CA  Email Print Text size Comment Dr. Yoni Freedhoff A new study came out last week that further explained why it is that while exercise does burn calories, it doesn’t help with weight management nearly enough to be fair. The paper, “Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation to Physical Activity in Adult Humans”, aimed to explore why it is that exercise’s impact on energy expenditure…

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Curatio Hand Scanner to Help Fit 3D Printed Casts |

February 10, 2016

Anyone who has had an arm cast knows the importance of good fit, which is typically accomplished thanks to the material being soft when it’s applied. In th Source: Curatio Hand Scanner to Help Fit 3D Printed Casts |

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