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Neuroplasticity: Toronto’s Dr. Popovic, is stimulating brain cells to restore muscle memory in people with paralysis.

June 24, 2018

  This wearable medical device could help people with paralysis move again CBC Radio · June 22 Physiotherapist Bastien Moineau demonstrates how the computer technology in this garment is designed to stimulate muscles to perform routine tasks.  Listen13:27 Bonnie Brown's documentary 'The Mind Moves in Mysterious Ways' explores a made-in-Canada invention that's helping paralyzed Canadians regain movement in their limbs. Click 'listen' above to hear the documentary.    In a split second, life as they had known it, was over. And the prognosis was pretty clear.  "The…

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This Stick-on Biosensor Monitors Blood Sugar – No Needle Necessary

December 22, 2017

Source: This Stick-on Biosensor Monitors Blood Sugar – No Needle Necessary | Gizmodo Australia

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The Right to Bear Arms: Spectacular wound healing device, The Skin Gun, from RenovaCare

July 22, 2016

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Virtual Reality to Help Control Prosthetic Arms |

July 9, 2016

Virtual reality is finding a surprising application in rehab, as a team of engineers at Arizona State University will soon be using an Oculus Rift headset Source: Virtual Reality to Help Control Prosthetic Arms |

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Oh Canada: Health Canada Approves O’Brien Medical

May 31, 2016

My friend, Dr. Todd O'Brien has slipped over the Maine border  with the coolest neuropathy testing device this year, the ETF128!  Thanks for thinking of us….We The North!  PVM     O’Brien Medical was founded by surgeon/inventor Todd O’Brien, DPM in 1999. O’Brien Medical now introduces the ETF128, an exciting new instrument for the neurodiagnostics market. Source: OBrien Medical | Health Canada Approves O’Brien Medical

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Parental Diabetes Hack-a-thon: FYI, parents actually do know something.

March 17, 2016

Parents hack diabetes monitor to take children’s health into their own hands ParkhurstWednesday 16 March 20160 view No rating Diabetest monitors hacked TORONTO — Desperate to keep better tabs on their children’s Type 1 diabetes, a new generation of tech-savvy parents have hacked into blood sugar monitoring devices so that they can keep an eye on them remotely. Kate Farnsworth was the first Canadian parent to rig the system so she could monitor her child. Farnsworth read about the hack…

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