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Protecting Edges of Venous Ulcers: An Evidence-Based Approach | Today’s Wound Clinic

May 16, 2014

Protecting Edges of Venous Ulcers: An Evidence-Based Approach | Today's Wound Clinic.

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VLU’s and US: Venous legs ulcers respond to ultrasonic waves delivered by a wearable skin patch.

August 12, 2013

PLASTIC SURGERY / SURGERY / VASCULAR SURGERY Ultrasound Patch Helps Accelerate Venous Wound Healing by EDITORS on Aug 5, 2013 • 1:20 pm Chronic venous stasis ulcers, which typically occur at the ankle, are extremely difficult to treat and they have high recurrence rates after successful healing. A new patch that delivers ultrasound energy directly to the wound has been tested in a recent clinical trial and has shown to be quite effective in helping to heal venous ulcers. Similar patches have been investigated in the past, but they…

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Making Compression Therapy Fashionable: Nabee socks are the coolest around!

April 7, 2013

OTC / VASCULAR SURGERY Nabee Socks: Compression Socks with Lovely Designs by GENE OSTROVSKY on Apr 5, 2013 • 3:53 pm 2 inShare Nabee Socks, a company started by Brian Park, a trauma nurse in Washington, D.C., focuses on high quality compression socks with practical but fashion-conscious designs. Mr. Park tells Medgadget that he started Nabee Socks “because many patients were not wearing their compression garments because they thought they looked ugly or were uncomfortable.  I’ve solved both these issues with comfortable compression socks in fun designs.” Link: Nabee Socks ……

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