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Diabetic foot disease is the most prevelant complication for people living with diabetes, but it often goes unrecognized and certainly is under treated.  Over the past 3 days at DFCon 2013, we have had the privilege to hear from the world's top diabetic foot clinicians and engage with them to discuss, debate and argue the nuances of the art of treating people with diabetic foot disease. This is what is necessary to propagate the message of diabetic foot and wound. Alas, DFCon occurs but once a year (as do many other excellent diabetic foot conferences around the world). As a Canadian diabetic wound clinician, I know very few other like minded clinicians in Canada with whom I can collaborate. We work in isolation. 

We at TMI would like to chage this. As of today, we are launching the Canadian Diabetic Foot Collaborative, a diabetic foot, think tank. It is designed to act as a forum in which to exchange ideas, debate current treatments and argue about the controversial issues. We invite Canadian diabetic foot clinicians to visit our web site (themayerinstitute.ca) and click on the Canadian Diabetic Foot Collaborative button at the bottom and sign up. We will introduce some topics to start but the member's input will be its legacy.  We look forward to the dialogue and to meeting you for the first time! PVM


PV Mayer

Dr. Perry Mayer is the Medical Director of The Mayer Institute (TMI), a center of excellence in the treatment of the diabetic foot. He received his undergraduate degree from Queen’s University, Kingston and medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

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