Dr. Perry Mayer is the Medical Director of The Mayer Institute (TMI), a center of excellence  in the treatment of the diabetic foot. He received his undergraduate degree from Queen’s University, Kingston and medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.  He spent 1 year practicing Moose Factory in Northern Ontario  and then returned to Kingston to practice family medicine and establish the Quarry Foot Clinic.  In 2003, Dr. Mayer moved to Hamilton, Ontario and concentrated his time solely on the treatment of the diabetic foot. He formed TMI in early 2006.  At present, The Mayer Institute has over 16,000 patient visits per year, with over 12,000  visits being for diabetic wound care.

Dr. Mayer’s current research projects include:

1. The 5 year clinical outcome and cost-benefit analysis of his center’s wound healing data and mortality rates;

2. A landmark North American trial investigating the treatment of lower limb ulcers with a fibroblast and keratinocyte spray;

3. The development of The Canadian Diabetic Foot Collaborative, a national network of clinicians interested in the treatment of diabetic foot disease.

Emily Bertrand – Executive Assistant to Dr. Mayer